Reason why it's safe to Sell Links with us?


We follow 4 simple principles to keep you 'Safe & Penalty- Free' on web:-


Safety – We analyze & Screen each link buyers for penalized sites or 'bad neighborhoods' before notifying link placement request to you.


Relevancy of Content – We find link buyers only related to your site content.


Privacy – We do not reveal your site identity until the link is purchased. We absolutely do not publish any information about our webmaster/publishers links anywhere on the web.

Important: Contextual Links - We get you buyers relevant to your site content or niche. Links are placed within the content surrounded on both sides so as to appear natural links to Search Engines that helps us to avoid Search Engine Wrath for our Publishers

We don't sell links placement within Menu, Sidebar or Footer.


Based on above principles we have built these basic Google Friendly Strategies in order to avoid getting caught and face slap or penalties to our publishers sites.


Listed below is our step by step "Our Google Friendly Strategy" as opposed to how "Google detects Paid Links"?.


How Paid links get detected:

1. If you are going to place links one after the another in a row, they are going to appear as paid links.


2. Most site manager err by posting links either in the site menu, footer or sidebar. This alerts the search engine of paid links on their site & they have to face Search Engine Wrath.


3. Short term or frequent links being changed on the site also alerts search engine of unnatural links. Hence, such sites get penalized heavily by Google.


4. Too many outbound links on a page would make Google suspicious of the site activity & Google would track & penalize such sites.


5. Finally, Google can simply login to those link broker sites which buy & sell links and see the list of all sites that sell links & penalize those sites.



Our Google Friendly Strategies:

1. We make links look natural to search engines: We sell links to our buyers that are placed only within the content of the page which are surrounded by content from both sides of the link. Such links look absolutely natural to search engines. Our contextual links look like this:


2. We sell contextual links: We don't sell or place any links in the footer, header or sidebar.

Site owners are strictly asked to place links within the content of the page which are surrounded by content on both sides of the link.


3. Our service revolves around providing link buyers that are relevant or related to the content of site owners. This encourages buyers & sellers to have a long term relationship as links are kept alive for longer period. So our links don't appear and disappear in unnatural way. This way we make sure links look natural to search engines in both the cases.


4. Limited number of outbound links: We encourage our site owners to place a limited-number of outbound links on their pages.We don't sell links from site that have too many outbound links.


5. Different platform for buyers & sellers: We have deliberately decided to have different platform for buyers of links & sellers of links. You links are not even listed anywhere on our site. We don't share your information with anyone, not even buyers until the link has been purchased.

YOU have full control over all your links. That's why your sites are completely safe with us.


Why Sell Contextual Links From Your Site?

Sell contextual links from your high PageRank sites & increase you revenue in excess of $1000/month?

It’s unfortunate that thousands of webmaster are losing opportunity to earn revenue in excess of $1000/month by not selling “contextual links“from their sites. They drive great pleasure in earning $100 per month from traditional advertising. These webmasters do not know the value of selling contextual link on their website. Many do not know that adding five or ten small contextual links to their site pages with high PageRank(PR1-PR9) can generate $1000 +  per month. Some of our publishers/webmasters are earnings $800/ per month from sites that at one time generated peanuts.

 Whether you run blog, article directory or an eCommerce website or large content driven website that have plenty of high PageRank, you should sell contextual links that will double/triple your income in 3 months.

There are thousands of buyers out who are looking to buy high PageRank links from a relevant or related website. It’s offer them a right opportunity to get some excellent traffic and improved search engine visibility.



Your are absolutely Safe & Secure with our Google Friendly Strategies!

Don't miss this opportunity to earn 4 digit Income from your site links.


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