Our 6 Promises To You



1. We promise up-most privacy & confidentiality to YOU through:

  • You have full control over all your links.
  • Your site or links are not displayed anywhere on our site.
  • We only share links with our clients after they have been purchased.
  • We guarantee not to sale, share or give away any of your personal information (including your contact details, website URL, PayPal address or any other) to any third parties.

2. Our Service is free of cost.


We don’t charge our publishers for our service offerings.


3. Monthly Payment Guaranteed for Link Sales.


We guarantee you to pay for a link sale after 30 days of link placement by you, provide that links are not removed before 30 days. You'll receive payment via PayPal on 30 of every month if you do not withdraw balance from your account during the course of the month.

Weekly Payment Credit in Your Linksbull Account (Partial)

You will receive 25% of monthly amount as credit for each sold contextual link every week (unless you remove the link or your site stops to work) in your LinksBull Account. However, you'll receive your first week payment at the end of the second week and so forth. You can withdraw the amount anytime subject to minimum $10 balance in your account. In case, if you choose not to withdraw the balance amount during that month, we'll automatically transfer the amount to your PayPal account on the 30 or last day the month.  We can guarantees this promise since we sell all links to our clients on monthly basis. Moreover, when this period is over, most clients will prolong their contracts for as our quality driven links drives immense value to their SEO campaign, so this will continuously bring in revenue to your site. With you can continue to receive payments for your links for a long long time..


4. Save You “Time & Effort”.


You don’t have to scout for clients to monetize your site. We sell your links to our clients who are looking to BUY links relevant to their specific keywords.


Just sit back & Watch Your Income double/Triple every Month.


5. We sell your links at Higher Prices than the market value.


Rest be assured, you get prices above or at par with the market value. The reason being; since we sell only contextual links to our customers that are highly relevant to their niche or keywords that they are willing to pay more for the value it brings to their site SEO campaigns.

While negotiating for a price with buyers, we use a price range instead of a set price, to insure the best possible deals for our webmasters. Our prices are driven by market forces of; Quality, Relevancy, Demand vs Supply.

The price of a link to be sold is based on many criteria including: including PageRank (PR0-9), number of outbound links on page, popularity of site, relevancy of the content & many more. Know more about " Pricing of Links".


6. It's Safe & Secure to work with us.


We follow 4 simple principles to keep you 'Safe & Penalty- Free' on web:-

  • Safety – We analyze & Screen each link buyers for penalized sites or 'bad neighborhoods' before notifying link placement request to you.


  • Relevancy of Content –We find link buyers only related to your site content.


  • Privacy –We do not reveal your site identity to even to buyers  until the link is purchased. We absolutely do not publish any information about our webmaster/publishers links anywhere on the web.

  • Contextual Links - We get you buyers relevant to your site content or niche. Links are placed within the content surrounded on both sides so as to appear natural links to Search Engines that helps us to avoid Search Engine Wrath for our Publishers. Learn More, about our Google Friendly Strategies!


Note: We don't sell links placement within Menu, Sidebar or Footer.


We do not display your links publicly not even to buyers till you have accepted the offer/deal from the buyer. We remain low profile on Search Engine for the very reason that we want to keep you safe. While this makes it tougher for us to sell links it dramatically increases the chance of our webmasters sites being "Penalty-Free".

Moreover, we have two different platforms for selling & buying of Links that works discreetly on web, but effectively driving immense value to our webmasters by generating link sales that are pleasantly high and at the same time, keeping them safe & secure.




Let's Double/Tripe your Income!

You may want to read about "How it Works" or Check out "FAQ" Section.

Please read our "Pricing of links" section for more details on price setting.

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