Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


Q. How to get started?

  1. Just visit & Fill out the registration form.
  2. Verify your email. We’ll send your login & password details in your email.
  3. Activate your primary site registered with us in order to verify you as the owner of the site.We’ll mail you the link (HTML code) that you need to post on your primary site. Once you confirm, we verify the link. NEXT, You have to choose either of Automatic Price (Recommended) setting or set your own price (Manual) for link sales from your sites. Post that we start selling your links to our clients & mail you the offers or deals for acceptance with link (HTML code) to be posted on your site.Finally, you get balance credited to your account which you can withdraw anytime.Learn more, how it works?

Q. How do you manage to sell links from my site?

Once you register with us, Linksbull mails you the activation code (Link) that you need to post on your primary site registered with us in order to verify you as the owner of that site. Once you confirm, we verify the link. We index your site for PR pages. Post that we start selling your links to our clients & mail you the offers or deals for acceptance with link (HTML code) to be posted on your site.

We've got hundreds of clients, who want to purchase PR contextual links for some specific keywords related to their content. sells contextual links only from pages with content, and only links, placed within the content and surrounded by content (this ensures that all links look natural to search engine).

Q. What are contextual links? Can I sell them?

In simple terms “contextual links” are basically text links placed between the content as keywords phrase that point towards another website in concern. Since these links as keyword phrase point to highly relevant or related website and are surrounded by content on both side, they appear as natural links to search engine.

Yes, you are free & safe to sell contextual links as long as they are relevant or related to the content on your page. You should place the links within the content and avoid posting too many outbound links from a page. We at strictly prohibit our publishers from posting too many outbound links, the average being 5 per page. Learn more about Google friendly Strategies to avoid Penalty!


Q. How much can I expect to earn from contextual link sales per month from my site?

That completely depends upon the number of Google PR1+ links on your sites, more the links, more you get to earn. We have many webmasters who earn in excess of $800 per month. You can also start earning double digit figures in short time.


Q. When & how will I receive payment?

Every week your account will be credited for the link sales your successfully completed in the previous week.You can withdraw the amount from your account anytime subject to minimum $10 in your account balance.In case you don't withdraw balance during the course of the month, we will automatically make payment to your PayPal  account on the 30 of every month.


Note: At the moment we make payment through PayPal only but in future you can expect to receive payment through other notable payment systems.


Q. What kind of sites do you accept?

You are free to submit ALL kind of sites across all industries, languages & region regardless of their Google Page Rank, Rankings or with or without Traffic even PR0 sites.

It just take 60 seconds to Sign up!

Q. Is it safe to sell links from my sites?

Absolutely. Selling contextual links from your site will not affect your sites rankings / Google PageRank / Google AdSense / effectiveness of your sites or anything else. Selling links through linksbull does NOT violate Google AdSense policy or any other policies or rules. only sells contextual links which are surrounded by text on both sides that appears natural links to search engine. Moreover, we strictly prohibit our publishers from posting any paid/sponsored links in Menu, Footer or Side bar that automatically alerts search engine of paid links. Importantly, we only allow limited number of outbound links from a particular page, average being 5. By simply following Google friendly strategies just mentioned & we avoid any Penalty or slap from Google to our partners. Find out more such strategies that help us to avoid Google Wrath?


Q. Do I have the option to exclude specific pages from link sales?

Yes. You’ll have to intimate us about the specific pages via mail & we’ll not sell links from those specific pages.


Q. Do I have full control over my links for sale?

Absolutely. You choose what links to sell. When we mail you the offers/deals you have the option to accept or reject the offer. Moreover, your site or links are not displayed anywhere on our site.

We only share links with our clients after you accept & they have been purchased.


Q. How can I post the Links on my site?

We’ll mail you the details of the links that you’ll have to post on your site. This would include the “keyword Phrase” & “URL” of the site for which the link has to be placed. These keywords (links) generally have to be placed within the relevant content on your site as instructed by us.


Q. How do your service offerings benefits me?

  • We help Monetize your site by selling content or text based links. You don’t have to bother, scouting for a customer.
  • We help build you a passive income stream every month.
  • Site owners enjoy income from link sales in 4 figures.
  • We’ll double/triple your site earnings within 3 months
  • You get best price for your “Links”.
  • Guaranteed Monthly Payments.
  • It’s absolutely safe to sell links through out, why?


What is PR?

PR or PageRank is Google Inc. Patented algorithm to measure & evaluate the importance of the page on the web. PR of a page can vary from 0 to 10, 10 being the highest. Now if you have higher PageRank, it will certainly put your site in an authoritative category on web.

If you want to improve your search ranking or increase your PageRank, you should by getting links from Higher PR pages or authoritative sites.

To find a PR of any webpage of a site:

  1. Install PR checker on your web browser.
  2. Reload the browser.
  3. Open your website and you'll see a green bar in your toolbar that shows your PageRank.


What is passed PR-weight?

The value that is passed to a website through a back link pointing from another site. PR-weight is an important methodology used by Google in search engine rankings and PageRank of your website.


Do you only accept sites with PageRank?

Ideally, we accept sites with PageRank (PR 1-9) but you are free to submit any kind of sites even without PageRank. However, the site must contain valuable content and should not have been selling spam links, limiting outbound links to maximum of 10 on a page. We do get request to buy PR0-1 links for our customers so there is a possibility of your links getting sold.


What is an Outbound Link?

An outbound-link (OBL) is simply a link from one website pointing towards another website. Outbound links are a potential jumping off point for users and also provide PageRank for the target page. Some search engines algorithms actually place value on sites with many outbound links. These are dubbed authority or expert sites.

However, you should be careful while placing too many outbound links on your site as you might risk getting caught by Google for selling paid links. We strongly recommend our publishers to post links that are relevant/ related to the content on their site & limit the number of outbound links, the average being 7. By positing relevant links within the content, one can make sure links appear naturally to Google and avoid getting caught.


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